Don’t buy illegally traded or refilled gas cylinders here’s why!

Don’t buy illegally traded or refilled gas cylinders here’s why!

Recently a growing trend is for unlicensed people to obtain empty commercially branded LPG gas cylinders, refill them illegally, often with unverified gas, and then resell them to unsuspecting consumers possibly at a cheaper price. This makes these cylinders potentially hazardous here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t buy illegally refilled or traded gas cylinders.

Quite simply you SHOULDN’T buy illegally refilled or traded gas bottles because they are at risk of leaking. This comprises the safety of you and your family and puts your lives at risk because:

If you do buy illegally refilled or traded gas bottles, then you are:

“Any person who in any manner, otherwise than at a public sale, acquires or receives into his or her possession from any other person stolen goods, without having reasonable cause for believing at the time of such acquisition or receipt that such goods are the property of the person from whom he or she receives them or that such person has been duly authorized by the owner thereof to deal with or to dispose of them, shall be guilty of an offence.”

How to identify illegally refilled gas cylinders

To ensure that the gas bottle you are purchasing is not illegally filled, check for the following:

The illegal process of trading and refilling gas bottles

The usual process with legally refilled and traded gas bottles

When you purchase a new gas bottle, to ensure your safety, always check that the gas cylinder

Always purchase your gas cylinders from a reputable company, and exchange your gas bottles at an authorised dealer, so that you can be sure that the cylinders have been legally filled to meet the requirements as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act’s pressure equipment regulations.

You can report illegal fillers or retailers of gas cylinders at this email address:
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