Gas Saftey

Gas consumer be carefull, when use gas.

How to use gas at home?

One of the very first safety tips for using a gas cylinder at home is to never connect or disconnect it near a naked flame Make sure your gas connection is properly intact and there are no leaks. Check for the condition of your LPG gas cylinder once again before you begin using it. A gas leak may give off a musty smell like rotten eggs, so be very careful and take necessary actions( e.g cheek value of cylinders) immediately if you smell anything like it. Timely detection of gas leaks is among the most important safety tips to use a gas cylinder.

Where and how to store LPG cylinders?

Select a well-ventilated spot in your home for storing the cylinder when not in use. keep it at a place away from all types of heat sources and electric sockets. Keep the gas cylinder away from direct sunlight.

How To Transport Gas cylinders Safely?

When transporting the gas cylinder for supply or repair, make sure all of its valves are properly closed and it is kept in an upright position. Keep the cylinder upright. Never allow anyone to smoke in, or near to, any vehicle that is being used to transport gas bottles