Khan LP Gas Distributers

Our Products & services

We refill or exchange three types of cylinders at your door step in ovall Gauteng.

If you have no empty cylinder we can also provide it (9KG:R600, 19KG:R1000, 48KG;1400) will be charged

Small Size

R 240.00


Medium size

R450.00 / Ton


Large size

R1050.00 / Ton



R15000 / Ton

Free Home delivery

We deliver gas to your door step with out delivery charges. Our delivery services in overall Gauteng.

product & services

Exchange or refill gas cylinders(9,19 & 48kg),we also bulk gas

Handsome price

We always try to provide gas in low price.We claim that our price is low in overal market of our service area(Jhb & Pretoria).


Our customer is our valuable assets. Our main focus to facilitate our customer. we provide services 24/7 throughout the year.

Fast Home Delivery

We deliver gas in manimum one hour.

100% weight gurenteed

We provide gas cylinders fully weighted.Guy can varified it by putting on scale just in a minute.